Motorola® RM Series Two-Way Radios

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Commercial-grade radios with robust power and loud audio are idea for school administrators using two-way radios for communication.

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Never miss a communication thanks to the reliable sound quality and secure frequency connection of these handheld two-way radios. Radios leverage a bevy of features to provide administrators with communication in any capacity they require. 2-Channel and 8-Channel options are available, individually or in Sets of 6.

Superior Coverage

RM Series radios offer powerful 2W transmitters, featuring a range that expands as far as 250,000 square feet (20 floors)! They operate on 99 UHF business-exclusive frequencies and are FCC Narrowband ready, ensuring unimpeded communication at a high level. Radios utilize 219 PL/DPL codes, including 6 customizable codes, to help ensure a clear signal at all times. Moreover, a powerful 1500 mW speaker ensures clear communication without feedback in any conditions.

Versatile HTML-based customer programming software makes these radios an exceptional choice for any on-site needs your institution may have—from patrolling the hallways to coordinating a full-school event.

Ergonomic handheld two way radios measure 2-1/8"W x 4-1/2"H x 1-1/2" thick and are easy to handle. 2-Channel option weighs 8.6 oz; 8-Channel option weighs 9 oz. Both models run on a lithium-ion battery for up to 12 hours without the battery save option on, and 15 hours with it on.

Excellent Features

Advanced features such as customized channel announcements keep your hands free at all times, allowing teachers to focus on the task at hand. Leave your radio on your belt and know exactly what channel you’re communicating on. It’s also possible to customize a list of channels by selecting from 16 pre-recorded work functions. The features included within these radios also extend to a Voice Scramble Option, for exceptional privacy and security.

On the RMU2080d, (NWR) Channel 8 is pre-assigned to receive official National Weather Service warnings, watches, forecasts, and other hazard information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Weather Channel configuration can be customized based on geographic location. This model also features and LCD display.

Both radio options feature a rugged design with antimicrobial coating, to help prevent the growth of mold and germs on the surface of the radio. This keeps radios in proper working order and users safe—especially if radios are used by multiple people throughout the week.

Superb Features

The RMU2040 2-channel radio is the basic model, offer a bevy of reliable features and some of the best communication quality available through handheld two-way radios. The RMU2080d 8-channel model features an LCD display and is capable of receiving NOAA weather radio and alerts.

Both models exhibit the same rugged design, meeting military specifications for resistance to dust, wind, shock, vibration, and other adverse conditions. These radios also undergo Motorola’s exclusive Accelerated Life Testing (ALT), which simulates up to 5 years of field use. FCC operator's license required for both models.

Motorola® RM Series Two-Way Radio Options

Motorola® RM Series Two-Way Radios are available in packs or individually, in 2 channel capacities.

  • Pack of 6. Includes 6 radios and a 6-unit, 10-hour charging dock.
  • Individual Radio
  • Channel Capacities
    • 2-Channel, RMU2040 Radio
    • 8-Channel, RMU2080d Radio
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