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Easily incorporate useful apps and music during PE class when you buy Apple products from Gopher Sport!

From e-books and videos to lesson plans and web browsing, access useful information for your PE class instantly using Apple devices. Teachers can use them to search for food pyramids to enhance nutrition units, while student research videos on the latest soccer tricks.

The crystal-clear display on an iPad allows teachers and coaches to display videos and apps in an easy-to-view format. A tablet is a great tool for tracking instant reports from devices like heart rate monitors and to record important data during class. You can also use an iPad to incorporate fitness apps into your class to energize students.

When you want to incorporate music into a lesson plan, you can rely on an iPod for easy access to your music library. Simply connect it to a speaker to ensure the entire class hears the music or step-by-step instructions of an activity.

Buy an iPad or iPod from Gopher and infuse technology into PE classes!