Athletic Field Marker

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Cuts your striping time in half.

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Make spraying paint stripes on a field easier than ever before. This application system sprays paint at a 90-degree angle for even, one-pass coverage.

Convenient Time-Saver

With the assistance of this field marking system, you can cut the amount of time it takes you to mark off fields of grass or dirt in half, compared to how long it would take you to do so manually. Simply load the can of spray paint into the holster and walk behind the marker, pushing it to where the field lines need to be made. Hold the on/off level down and paint sprays out at a 90-degree angle downward for complete, one-pass coverage. The design also prevents the painter from getting sprayed during use.

Intuitive, Quality Design

The marker has been made easy to operate with a fingertip on/off lever that only requires a single hand to activate. This allows teachers to be able to continually roll the marker around and hold it down to release the paint on the field. It can be easily adjusted to anywhere between 2 and 4 inches wide.

Four 10” easy-rolling wheels make the field markers travel smoothly during use. The frame and handle are made with sturdy steel to add strength and durability.

Available in a 6-can and 12-can model, both are light enough to easily be pushed around with a single arm or hand on the handle. Teachers have the option of how many extra cans they want the marker to hold.

For basic field marking needs, the 6-can marker is a great option. For teachers who regularly need to mark off more than a single field, the 12-can option is ideal as it saves a significant amount of time.

Athletic Field Marker Options

Athletic Field Marker is available in 2 quantities.

  • 6-Can, 10.5 lb
  • 12-Can, 17 lb