Field Marking Spray Paint


Provides quick, even coverage.

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Create clear, visible lines in a single coat thanks to this spray paint! It is lead-free for safety and can be used on surfaces such as dirt, grass, sand, or pavement.

Easy Coverage

A non-clogging spray tip makes for consistent, single-pass paint coverage on a 4” line with a sharply defined edge. This tip is universal, meaning it will work on all striping machines and marking wands. This makes it easy to create excellent paint lines and as convenient as possible.

The water-resistant paint evenly marks lines on all outdoor surfaces, including dirt, grass, sand, and pavement, which makes this an extremely versatile paint for outdoor play. At 18 oz, the paint provides approximately 400 feet (135 yards) of stripe per can.

Safe to Use

There is no lead or CFCs found in these spray cans. Because the paint itself is water-based, it is completely safe for players and will not harm the grass. Additionally, it is shipped via ground transport only, so there is no concern about pressurization.