Measuring Wheels

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Lightweight, stable, and accurate.

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Read up to 10,000 feet with these measuring wheels, which will be an immense help as you set up fields for all types of sports and games! The durable 10” diameter wheel is easy to roll over all surfaces.

Simple Use

Each wheel is covered with a molded composite rubber tread, which provides better traction on all surfaces. As a result, people using the wheel will find it easy to roll despite the surface. Teachers will be able to use the wheel in all different settings, wherever they need to measure out a field.

All models measure up to 10,000 feet and display the distance on a 5-digit counter. The digital model has a digital display rather than a rolling counter. A reset button on all models allows you to quickly zero out the reading, so you can start from scratch the next time you use it!

Outstanding Convenience

Other features add to the simplicity and convenience of the measuring wheels. A kickstand flips down to allow it to stand by itself when you need to step away. The Foot/Inch model’s handle folds in half, while the Metric/English, and Digital models have telescoping handles for simple storage.

Measuring Wheel Options

Measuring Wheels are available in 3 varieties.

  • Foot/Inch. A 5-digit counter measures in 1-inch increments. Handle extends 32” and wheels measure 10”.
  • Metric. Meters and Decimeters. Handle extends 41” and wheels measure 13”.
  • Digital. A large digital memory display measures in feet or meters. It includes a 3V lithium battery. Handle extends 41”, and the 10” wheel measures in feet or meters.