Open-Reel and Closed-Reel Measuring Tapes

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Durable, long-life, plastic-coated fiberglass.

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Resistant to water and temperature extremes, these tapes will never crack or stretch. They come printed with inches and feet on 1 side, and centimeters and meters on the other.

Outstanding Durability

A very durable, plastic-coated fiberglass is used to make the tape, which makes it water- and dirt-resistant to help keep it lasting for a long time. The tape will never crack or stretch, which makes for accurate measurements every single time.

Both options also feature a reinforced leader strip, which enables observers to hold the leading part without obscuring the zero value. A zero-end loop allows for accurate, one-person measuring if needed.

Simple and Convenient

Both the open- and closed-reel measuring tapes feature a winding lever that brings the tape back into the reel. Because of this, teachers do not have to grab the end of the tape when they are done measuring. Open-reel tapes have a small metal spike at the bottom that can be used to add stability when starting at one point.

Two Convenient Options

The 2 tape options are slightly different. Closed-reel tapes store the entire length of the tape inside a hard plastic shell, which provides additional cover during storage. As a result, teachers do not have to worry about the tape winding up on other items in storage. Open-reel tapes have a convenient carrying handle on top that allows teachers to hold on to them.

Open-Reel and Closed-Reel Measuring Tape Options

Open-Reel and Closed-Reel Measuring Tapes are available in several sizes.

Closed-Reel Measuring Tape

  • 50’ (15 m)
  • 100’ (30 m)
  • 165’ (50 m)

Open-Reel Measuring Tape

  • 100’ (30 m)
  • 165’ (50 m)
  • 200’ (60 m)
  • 330’ (100 m)