Gatorade® Anti-Microbial Towels

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Anti-microbial treated towels for maximum sanitation.

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Extremely popular with professional sports teams, these high-quality 100% cotton Gatorade® towels stay sanitary for up to 50 washings and are particularly absorbent even through the longest games.

Highly Sanitary

Don't worry about spreading germs! These towels are the most sanitary we care, thanks to an antimicrobial treatment which kills bacteria on contact. While it’s still recommended these towels be washed after use, they do stay sanitary throughout an entire game or practice, no matter what surface they come into contact with. After 50 washes, you will want to treat these as a normal towel and wash them with bleach in order to keep them sanitary. Because the towel is white, it is very easy to tell if it is dirty.

Sophisticated Design

The active ingredient in an Aegis microbe shield treatment forms a colorless, odorless, positively charged polymer that bonds on a molecular level to the towel. As a result, the towels maintain this coating for up to 50 washes. This treatment kills bacteria immediately, reducing the risk of illness and infection as players share towels during a practice or game.

Each towel boasts the large Gatorade® logo, so you (and your opponents) know you’re using a top-notch, well-known product.

Soft and Friendly Feel

Made of cotton that won’t pill, these towels are friendly on skin and will not get scratchy after multiple washes. Cotton also “breathes” so each towel dries quicker, keeping athletes dryer and cooler no matter how hard they play. A large 42"L x 22"W size provides more than enough surface area to soak up sweat throughout the entire game.

Gatorade® Anti-Microbial Towels Options

Gatorade® Anti-Microbial Towels are available Individually or in a Dozen.

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