Kinesiology Tape


Latex-free therapeutic tape supports muscles.

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Improve blood circulation and relieve pain without having to compromise your range of motion! Wear it for several days to help with inflammation and pain relief around the clock.

Designed for Performance

Mueller Kinesiology tape (or K-Tape) features a revolutionary design that takes the pressure off swollen and injured muscles. It works by lifting the skin to create a small space between the muscle and dermis layer to maintain flexibility, improve circulation, and relieve pain. As a result, the body gets more structural muscle support and increased blood flow.

Simply apply the tape to the skin in patterns that mimic the muscles in the area, and you'll begin feeling the relief. You can also easily change the tension of the tape as you apply and stretch it— the farther you stretch it, the more tension it provides. Different tensions are what really makes this tape versatile and convenient, as you can easily adjust it to match your natural body movements and as the injury progresses.

Big on Versatility

Need a tape that can be used for a wide variety of injuries? K-Tape is designed to aid in the treatment of ligament injuries, muscle conditioning, fascia repositioning, and even carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as shin splints, tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, and IT band pain. It’s a must have for your team’s sports bag or first aid kit. Each roll measures 2”W x 16”L.

Convenient and Comfortable

The tape stays on, and tight, even during sweaty games, thanks to water-resistant technology that keeps it wearable for up to 5 days! Rounded corners prevent it from getting snagged on clothes or coming loose. It is lightweight, easy to put on, and more comfortable than traditional sleeves and braces that tend to be heavier and restrict movement and flexibility. Being disposable and breathable, it is also more sanitary than traditional braces that can be hard to keep clean.

Kinesiology Tape Options

Kinesiology Tape is available in 2 colors.

  • Blue
  • Black