Mobile Drum Fans

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Large fans circulate very large amounts of air!

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Cool off your students, dry your floors, or get the airflow circulating in even the largest activity areas—these air blower fans make it possible! Easy to transport, set up, and turn on, you’ll be moving massive amounts of air in minutes. 3 sizes support any size area.

Easy to Set and Use

Thanks to 2 rubber wheels, these fans can be easily hoisted up and wheeled to wherever you might need to employ them. The wheels themselves are non-marring, making them perfect for any surface, alongside rubberized foot pegs at the other end, which serve to protect floors while the fan is blowing.

A 5-foot extension cord takes the struggle out of being confined to only areas where outlets are present! This also enables teachers to safely dry areas that might be wet, where plugging in a fan could be hazardous, such as locker rooms and natatoriums.

Made with high-density polyethylene, blades are protected against abrasions and dents that might alter the flow of air being generated by them. The entire fixture is also protected against rusting or marring, which preserves function for years to come.

Perfect Airflow

Quieter while in operation than similarly sized fans, they’re a great addition to gymnasiums, classrooms, workout rooms, and beyond, and they won’t interrupt class time while they’re doing their job.

Three fan sizes meet the needs of any size space to provide massive airflow rates, from 5565-16600 CFM, depending on the model. Cubic Feet per Minute is the measure of the volume of air being pushed by the fan while it’s in operation.

Mobile Drum Fan Options

Mobile Drum Fans are available in 3 sizes. Truck delivery.

  • 24” dia x 28”H, 48 lb, 5565 CFM
  • 36” dia x 40”H, 90 lb, 11000 CFM
  • 42” dia x 46”H, 130 lb, 16600 CFM