Pretaping Underwrap


Thin polyurethane foam underwrap for painless tape removal.

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Say goodbye to the annoying skin irritation often associated with taping! Applied before taping, this underwrap secures cold packs and bandages while protecting skin. 

Easy to Use

No more skin irritation! Applied and wrapped around the injured area, then tape is put on top. The underwrap is super soft, making it very comfortable on the skin. You'll be able to play your best without being distracted by rashes or the wrap itself, as you'll barely know it's there.

Great Versatility

Tape underwrap is also extremely versatile. Use it on all sports-related injuries that would be taped, including strains or sprains in the wrist, elbows, ankles, or toes. Beyond its use under tape for skin protection, it can also be used as a headband or can be used to affix cold packs. Rolls measure 2-3/4” W x 90”L.

Pretaping Underwrap Options

Pretaping Underwrap is available in 2 colors.

  • Tan
  • Black