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Cramer® Instant Cold Packs
Gatorade® Squeeze Water Bottles
Mueller® Athletic Tape
Medco® Instant Cold Packs
Team First Aid Kit
Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology Tape

Coach's First Aid Kit
Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Spray
Mueller Hero Response Athletic Training Kit
Johnson & Johnson® Coach® Athletic Tape
Igloo® Coolers

Igloo® Coolers

Igloo® Sport Cooler
Band-Aid® Variety Pack
Sport Medical Kit

Sport Medical Kit

Reusable Hot/Cold Gel Packs
Premium Utility Towels
Gatorade® Anti-Microbial Towels
Cramer® EcoFlex™ Stretch Tape
Pretaping Underwrap
Mueller Athletic Training Refill Kit
Igloo® Marine Ultra™ Glide™ 110 Cooler
Gatorade® Rolling Cooler
Basic Buddy™ Life-Size CPR Manikins
Heavy-Duty Ice Bags
Cramer 750 Athletic Tape
Gatorade Coolers

Gatorade Coolers

Gatorade Cups

Gatorade Cups

Mueller Hero Protege Athletic Training Kit
Mueller Reusable Ice Bag
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book
Lifeline® Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Packs
Mueller Mtape

Mueller Mtape

Gatorade Cup Carrier
Mueller Coolant Cold Spray
Mueller Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Brace
Mueller Elastic Wrap
Mueller Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support
Cramer Stay Cool Towels
Mobile Drum Fans

Mobile Drum Fans

Cramer Shark Pro Shears

Buy the safety equipment your players and students need to stay in the game from Gopher Sport!

As teachers and coaches, it’s important to be prepared in case students or athletes encounter an injury. Gopher supplies you with comprehensive first aid supplies, athletic tape, braces, and cold packs that are designed to treat minor sporting injuries, from cuts to sprains.

You can also keep players comfortable on the sidelines with towels, fans, and a wide assortment of hydration options. Another important item to have available quickly in case of an emergency is AED and CPR equipment, and you can find those supplies here at Gopher.

Find the first aid supplies for your PE classes and school sports programs at Gopher!