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Mueller The One Ankle Brace
Mueller ATF Ankle Brace
Mueller Adjust-To-Fit Ankle Brace
Mueller Lite Ankle Brace
Cramer Eclipse 1 Ankle Brace
Mueller Hg80 Preimum Hard Shell Ankle Brace
Mueller Pro Level Hinged Knee Brace
Mueller Hg80 Premium Hinged Knee Brace
Mueller Omniforce Knee Stabilizer
Cramer Neo Basic Patellar Support Knee Brace
Mueller Knee Sleeve Closed Patella
Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap
Mueller HG80 Premium Wrist Brace w/Splint
Mueller Wrist Brace w/Splint
Mueller Wrist Support Wrap
Mueller Hg80 Premium Tennis Elbow Brace
Mueller Tennis Elbow Support
Mueller Adjustable Back & Abdominal Support
Mueller Back Brace

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Buy dependable braces from Gopher Sport to support players as they recover from injuries!

Whether you’re trying to strengthen your back or give ankles a little extra support, Gopher’s assortment of athletic braces is here to help. All can be used multiple times, making them cost effective for use in schools.

An adjustable ankle brace lets users get custom support. They simply need to tighten the attached Velcro or laces. They vary from braces that mimic the effects of taping, but with added adjustability, to highly-supportive reinforced braces for extra support.

Our knee braces are also available in a range of support levels. When players simply need targeted pressure to relieve plain, an easy-to-use strap is a great option. Sleeve braces provide a little more support, promote circulation, and assist in healing injuries. If an athlete or PE student experiences a more serious knee injury, use a hinged brace to stabilize the knee.

Gopher’s other braces add extra support to wrists and elbows. While our back braces promote better posture and relieve back pain.

Shop Gopher’s assortment of braces to give your athletes the support they need following injury.