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Cramer 750 Athletic Tape
Mueller Athletic Tape
Cramer EcoFlex Stretch Tape
Mueller Mtape
Pretaping Underwrap
Mueller Big Bold Mwrap
Kinesiology Tape
Cramer Shark Pro Shears
Mueller Tuffner Pre Tape Spray
Mueller Elastic Wrap
Athletic Taping and Bracing Book

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Be prepared for sprains and strains with tape and wraps for athletes from Gopher Sport!

When injuries occur during PE classes or athletic events, ensure you are ready to rush in and help. Whether it’s a jammed finger or sprained ankle, our assortment of athletic tapes and wraps will get your students and players back in the game quickly.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to get a player through one game, athletic tape is a great option. Start with pretaping underwrap or spray to eliminate tape residue. Traditional zinc oxide tape is supportive, yet flexible during PE activities or sporting events.

Elastic tape and stretch tape are ideal when your students or players need a reusable option. When games and activities end, students can easily roll these up and save them for use during the next event.

Coaches and teachers can learn the technique of taping with a textbook that gives them a reference guide for an array of wraps. Precise cutting shears are easy to use when cutting perfect lengths and angles for all body parts.

Search for the best tape and wraps for team and class needs from Gopher!