30" x 30" Secure Tiles

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Durable tiles interlock securely in a jigsaw pattern to form a solid surface.

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Available in 2 thicknesses, these mats interlock to form a solid surface to cover areas of all sizes and configurations, without the need for adhesive. They’re a perfect option for weight rooms and other areas that need matted floors.

Tiles Fit Securely Together

Each of these durable tiles features large 4” tabs around the edges, allowing them to fit together seamlessly in a jigsaw pattern to form a solid surface. This interlocking pattern nearly disappears when the tiles are connected, which provides a great finished look to your floor. It also makes installation extremely easy, as no adhesives are needed! Should you ever wish to pick up and move the tiles, you can do so at any time.

In addition to looking great, the tiles provide excellent sound and shock absorption qualities, and can provide a tremendous vibration buffer. Fabricated from fine rubber granules, each tile provides outstanding comfort to people who are running, exercising, or walking on the surface. Additionally, their surfaces are slip- and impact-resistant, which limits the potential for injuries and accidents.

Recycled Rubber

These tiles are designed with materials made to be environmentally friendly. The granules and chunks in the rubber flooring feature 31% to 57% post-industrial recycled content, making it certified green. It has been blended and bound with a water-based polyurethane polymer, making is a sustainable, environmentally friendly option for any gym.

30" x 30" Secure Tile Options

30" x 30" Secure Tiles are available in the 2 thicknesses and 4 colors. Truck delivery.

  • Thickness
    • 3/4”, 25 lb
    • 1/2”, 19 lb
  • Colors
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Red
    • Blue