4' x 6' Heavy-Duty Mats

Rubber flooring is strong enough for heavy equipment and weight rooms.


These multipurpose mats stay put on the ground without needing to use adhesive. Choose from 2 thicknesses, and use them for a variety of flooring situations.

Thick and Durable

These heavy-duty, thick rubber mats are ideal for demanding applications where flooring protection, sound dampening, superior traction, and anti-fatigue qualities are required. These mats are typically found in weight rooms and locker rooms. Student athletes are constantly walking around, dropping equipment, wearing cleats that can be hard on floors, or dropping dumbbells and other weights. These extra-thick, heavy-duty mats protect the base floor from all of that. The extra thickness helps the mats hold up for long periods of use in these heavy usage areas, and provides extra protection and sound dampening when compared to the standard 3/8” thick rubber floors.

The mats come in 2 thicknesses: 1/2”and 3/4” thick. The 1/2" thick is commonly used for weightlifting applications, while the 3/4" thick absorbs more shock and cancels out more weight.

Because these mats come in 4’ x 6’ pieces, they work great for added protection at specific stations and machines in weight rooms. For example, adding a mat to the squat rack station perfectly fits most machines and gives students extra traction when working out.

Recycled Rubber Material

These mats feature recycled rubber, including an industry-high 31% to 57% post-industrial recycled content to make it a certified green flooring option. The mats are blended and bound with a water-based polyurethane primer, providing you with a sustainable and long-lasting flooring option.

4' x 6' Heavy-Duty Mats Options

4’ x 6’ Heavy-Duty Mats are available in 2 thickness and 4 colors.

  • Thickness
    • 3/4”
    • 1/2"
  • Colors
    • Black
    • Gray
    • Blue
    • Red
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