GymGuard® Tape & Dispenser

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Smooth seams and keep moisture out.

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Get a tape for your gym floor covering that will pull off without leaving residue or damaging the covering. Its dispenser makes application a breeze!

Smooth Seams

Teachers can lay down this thick tape to secure the floor cover to the floor. Put the tape around the perimeter edges and where the covers overlap with each other to create secure seams that won’t allow moisture or debris to get underneath, which would damage the floor. When you’re finished using it, the tape can be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the cover.

When putting down the tape, walk behind the tape dispenser and let the machine do its work. You’ll appreciate not having to get down on your knees to apply the tape with a hand-held dispenser! The tape roll locks into place in the steel holding box so it won’t fall out as you walk along.

GymGuard® Tape & Dispenser Options

GymGuard® Tape and Dispenser is available in individually.

  • Tape, 3’W x 108’L, Roll 
  • Tape Dispenser