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GymGuard Floor Protection System
GymGuard Mobile Storage Racks
GymGuard Winder & Brush Assembly
GymGuard Tape & Dispenser

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Buy gym floor covers from Gopher Sport to protect and maintain flooring in multipurpose areas!

Between games or during assemblies, it’s important to guard important gym floors from potential damage. GymGuard’s Floor Protection System is your answer! An ultra-durable, three-ply fabric provides a safety layer between the floor and students’ feet. It’s also waterproof, antibacterial, and mildew resistant. Seal the edges using a convenient tape dispenser.

When floor covers need to go back to storage, use GymGuard’s mobile rack. Roll the covers onto long rolls using a crank or an electric winder and clip them into place for secure storage between use.

Protect gym floors with covers from Gopher!

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