Atomic® Blazer 7' Air Hockey Table


Score big with an air hockey table designed for strength and safety.

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Built to stand up to players knocking pucks across the board to score, this air hockey game table for recreation centers is a must-have for endless hours of fun! It’s a safe, exciting way to improve hand/eye coordination skills and fast-twitch reflexes.

Exceptional Durability and Safety

Designed for a fast-paced, high-energy game, this table supports quick level of play and makes things safe for players and onlookers of the action. The table has solid 1-1/8” MDF overhang rails to reduce puck bounces and to keep the puck in play, on the table. A 4” MDF apron adds structural resilience and stability to the entire table. The play surface stands rigidly and durably atop 6” pedestal-style legs that include 5” levelers to ensure balance.

With a 120-volt heavy-duty blower motor, this table is specifically designed for fast-paced play. The air output also helps to facilitate proper tabletop function, which reduces the formation of scuffs and nicks on the surface. Its glossy PVC laminated face provides a smooth surface to enhance puck glide, which means fewer off-target strikes and a mitigated chance of detraction from the table.

Build Core Skills

Because of its tremendously fast-paced, energetic style of play, air hockey helps teach and hone hand/eye coordination. Students will have to visually track the puck as it flies around the table and react accordingly with their own bumper to save or strike. As the rate of play increases, students will need to be more accurate and swift to ensure they’re sinking goals and protecting their own slot from opponent strikes.

Anticipation and strategy also come into play. To block quick shots that they aren’t prepared for students will need to have an idea of trajectory and puck speed. Likewise, to fire a shot on an unsuspecting opponent, understanding the trajectory of a bank shot or the speed needed to beat the goalie on an angle are critical.

Table comes with 4 pucks and 4 strikers included. Scoring is done via an electric flip-up scoring mechanism that counts each puck sunk through the goal.

Truck delivery on table.