Atomic® Bumper Pool Table


The space-saving option to billiards is the perfect fit for nearly any game room!

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Bumper pool scales down traditional pool tables and puts a fun twist on the game, to give players a classic billiards feel without impeding on other table games in the rec room. Built to stand up to intense play, the durability and longevity of this table makes it a smart addition to any play space.

Scaled-Down Fun

About half the size of a full-sized pool table, bumper pool provides players with a different type of billiards experience. Instead of knocking in stripes or solids with a cue ball, this table focuses on helping players understand the dynamics of bank shots and angled hits. Bumpers located at the ends and in the center of the table impede shots and force students to adapt as they look to clear the table of white or red balls by pocketing their color first.

Its smaller table size makes this bumper pool table is a great addition to any recreation center or school game room. It takes up less space so teachers can add other pieces of equipment to rooms, maximizing available floor space with additional recreational game tables for students. The table comes with 1 set of bumper pool balls (5 red, 5 white), two 48"L cues, 2 chalk, and 1 brush.

Built to Last

Because it’s sure to be a focal point in your rec room, this table is built to withstand tremendous wear and tear and constant use over time. Resilient MDF and wood-grain laminate cover the exterior of the table, while the play surface sits atop staunch 5-1/4" dia square legs. Its frame features two aprons, the top measuring 5-3/4" and the bottom measuring 7-3/4", for added support. At 200 lb, there’s no risk of shifting or tilting the table with an accidental bump or nudge!

The exact dimensions of this table are 57-1/2”L x 41-1/2”W x 32”H.

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