Atomic® Double Shootout


Arcade-style basketball that doubles the fun and excitement!

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See who’s the quickest to bank free-throws as your students line up to this arcade basketball game! Precise scoring keeps the competition and excitement high as players duke it out for the high score. Exceptional construction stands up to fast-paced, heavy-duty use, while the compact design minimizes the real estate requirements of this indoor basketball system for recreation rooms.

Superior Durability

An MDF frame and backboard stands ruggedly against every shot being banked off of them to provide your students with years of excitement. Its 9 mm thickness absorbs the constant impact from basketballs and minimizes vibrations from the entire structure to preserve the hoop. Heavy-duty nylon netting also serves to slow the momentum of shots dropping through the rim, to return them gently to the shooter, without excess force that could send balls astray.

Compact Design

Where other arcade basketball games demand extensive floor space, this system was designed with accommodation in mind. Measuring 7-1/2’L x 4’W x 7’H, it feats neatly into most rec rooms and in unimposing where it’s placed. Put the back up against a wall for maximum shooting space up front and never worry if your students have enough space to play!

The entire unit weighs only 109 lb, making it easy to move or relocate if the setup of your area changes.

Precise Scoring System

This system features an infrared scoring system that counts every bucket made, giving students a precise count that they can use to throw the gauntlet for others who might be stepping up to compete. This system is more convenient than mechanical scoring, and is often found on more expensive, higher-end units. It’s a great value!

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