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To ensure every game of pool is up to par and played smoothly and cleanly, you need make sure you have a full range of pool table accessories on hand. From quality cues to chalk and repair kits, every table needs to have the essentials on standby!

Outfit Your Pool Table

You need more than just a pool table to play a game, you also need to ensure there are proper cues on hand for players to play to the best of their abilities. This means proper cue lengths and materials, as well as supporting accessories like a bridge cue for tricky shots or chalk to keep every connection seamless. Having these items available and accessible will cut down on instances of improper play that might damage your table and your equipment, while allowing your players to play at a high level.

All the Accessories You Need

Choose a pool cue from 3 one-piece materials and 2 distinct sizes. Hardwood is very durable, while maple retains the shape longer. The fiberglass-coated Canadian Hard Rock maple cues are designed to last beyond both and provide a superior level of performance. All of these cues are available in 48"L for younger or shorter students who want more control with their shots, or 57"L for older students who want to be able to get more power behind their shots.

The 57"L hardwood bridge cue with lightweight aluminum bridgehead helps turn long, awkward shots into more manageable approaches that can be reached from anywhere on the table.

Cue chalk and cue tip repair kits both help keep the tips of cues in pristine condition throughout the duration of a game and beyond. In the event a tip does need to be replaced, the cue tip repair kit includes additional tips that can be affixed to any cue.

Pool table accessory kits include a range of different products to equip any table. A complete set of balls, a pack of 2 cue tip shapers, a 2-1/4" indestructible triangle, and a deluxe cue repair kit are all included.

Cue and Accessory Options

Cues and Accessories are available individually.

  • Individual Pool Cue Lengths
    • 48”L
    • 57”L
  • Individual Pool Cue Materials
    • Hardwood
    • Maple
    • Fiberglass-Coated
  • Accessories
    • Pool Table Accessory Kit
    • Hardwood 57”L Bridge Cue
    • Cue Chalk
    • Cue Tip Repair Kit

Safe Products for Schools, Gyms and Recreation Centers - Gopher Sport CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.