Dartboard Set

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The official dartboard set of the Professional Darts Corporation is a bull’s-eye for any institution!

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This dartboard set packs a ton of fun into a small area to provide numerous activities to students. Virtually anyone can pick up darts and throw them, and this target makes it easy to land shots and rack up points! It’s a must-have for teachers looking for accuracy games for gym class and makes a great addition for activity areas where space is limited. 

Official Style Dartboard

This tournament-size dartboard lives up to Professional Darts Corporation standards, and offers players many features to improve play. A high-quality wire spider with SuperSlim wire fasteners helps reduce bounce-outs and tips breaking, providing more consistency during play and increasing the size of segments for more reliable aiming.

A staple-free bull’s-eye and a large target area make aiming true at any distance. Target features long-lasting bristles and is a self-healing board. The entire board measures 18”W x 18”H x 2”D, which is an acceptable size for players of all calibers.

Small Size, Big Fun

Compared to pool tables, foosball tables, and other game room fixtures, a dartboard set is a small installation that can provide hours of fun and excitement. From friendly games and competitions to accuracy games for gym class, dartboards are a versatile activity option with numerous ways to change up the fun.

Hang this 10-1/2 lb board on the wall without worrying about its security and make sure your students have a few feet to shoot from—that’s all you need to keep students engaged with darts!

Accessories Available

Along with the dartboard itself, dart sets are also available. Sets include 3 plastic-tip darts with a case. We also carry an accessory kit that contains 30 plastic tips, 9 flights, 3 shafts, and a repair tool, for the complete darts experience.

Dartboard Set Options

Dartboard Sets are available in a set or individually. Accessory Kit also sold separately.

  • Darts Set. Includes 1 board and 3 plastic-tip darts with case.
  • Individual Dartboard
  • Accessories Kit. Includes 30 plastic tips, 9 flights, 3 shafts, and repair tool.