Hallowell® Galvanized Lockers

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Corrosion- and rust-resistant lockers offer idea security in outdoor and wet/humid environments.

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Perfect for locker rooms and outdoor courts, these storage lockers will weather the elements and the wear and tear that comes with heavy institutional use. Treated to prevent reactivity, they offer a long-term solution to secure storage that’s durably functional and aesthetically simple. Choose between unassembled or assembled options, in 3 depths.

All-Weather Resilience

In areas of high humidity or moisture prevalence, such as natatoriums, gym locker rooms, and even the outdoors, rely on these galvanized lockers to prevent corrosion and rusting. A hot-dipped zinc coating covers every square inch of these units to ensure they’re protected inside and out from the effects of moisture and heat. The matte finish won’t flake, peel, or chip away, resulting in great-looking lockers for students to store stuff at school.

Superior Durability

Lockers are fabricated from prime galvanized sheet steel, then finished with an electrostatically applied high grade powder-coat finish, providing double protection against corrosion and general abuse. The body is constructed of 24-gauge sheet steel, ensuring minor impacts are weathered and abrasions are avoided.

The door is constructed of 16-gauge steel, louvered for added ventilation, featuring a handle made of stainless steel with multi-point gravity lift-type latching. Recessed handle protects the finish from being marred by padlocks.

Measuring 36”W x 78”H, lockers are set off the ground on 6”H legs, preventing pooling water and other ground-level contaminants from compromising the lockers.

Convenient Depths

Lockers for students come either assembled or unassembled, depending on your preference for placement within your institution. Further, choose from 12”, 15”, or 18” depths to house range of items in various settings. Schools ordering multiple lockers are able to specify the number they’d like emblazoned on each unit, making it possible to start a new series or add to your existing installations seamlessly.

Hallowell® Galvanized Locker Options

Hallowell® Galvanized Lockers are available in 2 assembly options, in 3 depths. Truck delivery.

  • Assembly Options
    • Unassembled
    • Assembled
  • Depths
    • 12”D
    • 15”D
    • 18”D