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Hallowell Ventilated Lockers

Starting at $529.00

Ventilated lockers allow for air circulation and visibility, while also ensuring security.

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Vented lockers create airflow through storage spaces to minimize staleness, quickly dry wet materials, and prevent mildew growth—all while still maintaining security and privacy! These lockers are great for use in locker rooms and classrooms. Various sizes, depths, and colors allow for customization.

Designed to Allow Airflow

Diamond-perforated airways on the sides and door prevent air from becoming trapped in the locker. This increased airflow lets damp items dry while inside the lockers. Ventilation also adds visibility, which can help students quickly identify their locker based on the color or size of objects within. Lockers still retain an acceptable degree of privacy despite venting.

Long-Lasting Durability

These lockers are made of steel, giving them enhanced durability to endure everyday wear. 14-gauge doors, 16-gauge sides, 16-gauge solid top and bottom shelves, and 18-gauge solid back walls make these the sturdiest lockers we offer.

Accommodating Storage Options

Lockers are available in 3 different tier options to accommodate storage needs. Single tier offers the most storage space, double-tier offers twice the number of lockers in the same space, and six-tier lockers are ideal for spaces that require minimal storage yet maximum accessibility. Single- and double-tier lockers include stainless steel recessed handles with gravity lift latching mechanisms, while the six-tier lockers have a padlock hasp.

Measuring 36"W x 78"H, lockers have 6”H legs to hoist them off of the ground, ensuring they’re protected from contaminants or pooling water on locker room floors. Lockers are available in 2 depths, either assembled or unassembled. Specify color and starting locker number when ordering. Truck delivery.


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