Master® Built-In Combination Locks

Built-in security for all locker types.


Built-in combination locks offer a premier way to secure your institution, without passing along the responsibility or cost to students and parents. Locks use an easy-to-dial, 3-digit combination that can be set to 1 of 5 pre-set options. Control keys offer instant access for forgotten combinations. 

Consistent, Sustainable Use

Featuring a deadbolt locking system, this mounting multi-user lock built in to lockers in schools offers the best way to create consistency in your institution. Locks come pre-programmed with up to 5 combinations, which can be reset each year as a new student occupies the locker. Changing the combination with each new user eliminates the prospect of theft or unwanted access. In the event a combination is forgotten, administrators can quickly unlock the built-in locks with a control key.

Each combination programmed into the lock is simple and easy for students to remember—it’s just 3 numbers in sequence. Students turn the knob in the “right-left-right” fashion to input their combination, then lift the handle of their locker to open it. When closed, the latch resets to prevent accidental re-opening.

2 Lock Styles

This classic school lock comes in 2 different varieties, based on the type of locker. Single- and Double-Tier lockers are the classic lockers in hallways and classrooms; 6-Tier lockers are frequently found in locker rooms and are smaller, square shaped units.

If you’re looking to set up lockers with new locks, a control key is needed to start a new series. A minimum order of 8 is needed for the locks. To add locks to a series that already exists, it’s important to specify the control number when ordering. This will begin with the letter F. This will allow for the existing control key to work with the new locks.

Master® Built-In Combination Lock Options

Master® Built-In Combination Locks are available individually in 3 tier options. Control keys sold separately.

  • For 6-Tier Lockers, Manual Locking
  • For Single- and Double-Tier Lockers, Automatic Locking
  • Control Key
Reordering Locks
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