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Letters create words or abbreviations, making them easier for students to remember!

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For younger students or those with memorization troubles, letter locks offer a superior alternative to numbered padlocks. A letter combination lock has the same strong, yet provides more familiar programming. Master® Lock technology prevents “picking” and “forcing,” ensuring a reliable lock for years to come. Control keys are available separately in case of a forgotten combination.

Friendlier Combinations

Numbers are often intimidating for younger students and those with memorization troubles. Combination padlocks with letter combinations for young students in school are a great alternative that opens the door for improved memorization. Instead of having to remember “24-6-18” students can instead make acronyms for their combination—“E-L-D” becomes “everyone loves dogs,” for example. Or, for your youngest students, help them program their own initials as the combination, so they’ll never forget.

In the event a combination is forgotten or needs to be reset, a control key allows teachers to quickly pop the lock.

Extremely Durable Design

Made with a heavy-duty, hardened steel housing and thick steel shackle, locks are designed to be impact-resistant and resilient in the face of heavy wear and tear. The shackle also has cut-resistance to ensure locks can’t be snipped off by bolt cutters. Measuring 1-7/8”, this letter combination lock offers compact stoutness across all applications.

Master® exclusive BlockGuard™ Anti-Shim technology prevents forced access of the lock and prevents "picked" locks. Locks also have an automatic scrambling feature to prevent reopening of lock after it’s re-secured.

Colorful Choices

Choose from Black, Blue, or Red lock faces when choosing locks, to best fit your application. Different colors are ideal for separating grade levels or student groups. Give 6th graders blue locks, 7th graders black locks, and 8th graders green locks, for example, to prevent confusion and quickly identify locker users.

All custom-keyed locks are specially made and not eligible to be returned. To add locks to a series that already exists, it’s important to specify the control number when ordering. This will allow for an existing control key to work with the new locks. When purchasing a new series of locks, it is recommended to purchase at least one control key.

Master® Letter Lock Options

Master® Letter Locks are available individually in 3 colors.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
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