Master® Padlocks with Keyway

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The best padlock made is now even better, with BlockGuard™ anti-shim technology!

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The most trusted industry combination lock now features some of the best anti-tampering technology, to prevent “picking” and “forcing” that might lead to unwanted access.

Safe, Durable Design

Durable 1-7/8” stainless steel and exclusive BlockGuard™ anti-shim technology prevent tampering to the lock, while the shackle has a double-reinforced stainless steel construction to prevent cutting. All working parts are brass- or cadmium-plated steel to resist corrosion. Combination locks are constructed to last a lifetime, and their parts are not intended to require repair or replacement.

Easy 3-number dialing with an automatic scrambling feature makes locks easy to open. In the event a combination is forgotten; locks can be quickly disabled by an administrator key.

Two Options

  • Standard locks are the most popular and a classic way to create security in your institution. They include a 3-digit combination ranging from numbers 1-39 (ex. 36-13-29). This allows for numerous combinations and greater security.
  • SimpleCombos™ locks are the same construction as a standard combination lock, except the 3-digit combinations are simple, easy-to-remember sequences ending in whole numbers or even increments (ex. 30-10-25). This is better for younger students who may have a harder time memorizing and remembering a combination.

If you're ordering a new set of locks:

  • A minimum order of 15 is required for the locks (100 for custom locks)
  • Under Control Number: Type in: New
  • A Control Key is needed to start a new series. Find this under Accessories.

If you're adding locks to an existing series:

  • You must specify the Control Number when ordering. This will begin with the letter V, followed by 2-3 numbers.
  • This will allow for the existing control key to work with the new locks.

Custom locks are also available. These standard locks can be personalized with different dial colors and school logo, names, or initials. This gives schools the option to project school spirit all the way down to their lockers! Please call to place a custom order. All custom-keyed locks are specially made and not eligible to be returned.

Control Keys are sold separately (click on Need Accessories?).

Reordering Locks