1" Thick Foam Workout Mats

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Our firm, thick workout mats ensure you won't bottom out!

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Use a thick exercise mat to put a buffer between your students and the floor while they’re working out! Practice yoga, stretching, ab workouts, and more with our thickest, firmest mats, with the confidence in knowing they’re offering superior comfort and protection. Available individually or in packs to accommodate both smaller and larger groups.

Tough and Durable

Although they’re soft to the touch and provide immense comfort for students performing exercises on the floor, these thick and extremely resilient workout mats can withstand heavy use. Made with 1” thick, firm polyethylene foam, students can lay these mats on a variety of surfaces with the expectation that they’ll provide unparalleled comfort for students. These are the only 1” thick mats we offer and are among our most resilient options for institutional use!

These thick exercise mats are non-folding, helping them retain their rigidity and shape after strenuous use over the long term. They feature a cut-out handle that makes them easier to pick up and lay down, while also helping to preserve them under the duress of heavy handling.

Storage carts are available for easy transportation and convenient storage, which cuts down on the wear and tear mats might face in storage or when it comes time to move them.


  • Keep students comfortable plank holds, push-ups, or even during stretches. The use of mats eliminates the discomfort caused by hard floors!
  • Use for a range of activities that involve sitting or lying on the floor, including stretching, yoga, sit-ups, ab workouts, Pilates, and more. Great for fitness centers, gyms, studios, and schools.
  • Washable and easy to spray and wipe down after use.
  • Available in a ClassPlus™ Packs with 30 mats, complete with storage, which is ideal for a large PE classes, or individually for smaller groups. Carts can be purchased separately to help with transport of smaller sets of mats.

1" Thick Foam Workout Mat Options

1" Thick Foam Workout Mats are available in a pack or individually.

  • ClassPlus™ Pack. Includes 30 mats and a Magnus™ MatMover™ Cart (58”L x 27”W x 41-1/2”H).
  • Individual Mat, 48”L x 24”W
  • Magnus™ MatMover™ Cart
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