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ClassPlus™ MaxFit™ & MaxFit™ Pro Packs

Starting at $2,439.00

Take your class to its "max" with these top-quality mat Packs!

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An entry-level vinyl exercise mat at an introductory price, while also sporting high-end construction and resilience! Thicker mats provide the best in student comfort, unparalleled durability, and maximum safety. Our most economical vinyl mat pack offers the best return on investment for your PE budget!

Reliable Durability and Performance

Reinforced with nylon, the vinyl covers of these folding exercise mats resist any ripping or tearing that might otherwise take place in the face of institutional use. Students can move quickly and purposefully atop the mats, even wearing tennis shoes, without wearing down the material! Moreover, double reinforced seams won’t fray or come loose under heavy duress, promoting sustainability over the long term.

Our thickest mat options are available in 1” and 2” thicknesses, creating a superior barrier between students and the hard ground below them. This safe buffer allows them to stretch freely, exercise fully, and have complete peace of mind that they’re not in danger of bottoming out or bumping themselves. Foam interior also retains shape and density to facilitate support.


  • Packs are equipped with mobile racks for quick and organized storage and safe keeping of mats when not in use. Racks prevent mats from being stacked on the floor and drug or stepped on when not necessary.
  • Equip each member of the class with an exercise mat for the day’s activities by simply rolling the rack into the gym or studio.
  • Keep students comfortable during plank holds, push-ups, or even during stretches: the use of mats eliminates the discomfort caused by hard floors!
  • Mats are great for a range of activities that involve sitting or lying on the floor, including stretching, yoga, sit-ups, ab workouts, Pilates, and more. Great for fitness centers, gyms, studios, and schools.
  • Hanging design of rack provides faster air drying of mats so they're ready for the next class.
  • 4'L mat is perfect for smaller areas; 5’L mat offers standard accommodation for students and facilities; larger 6'L mats accommodate more users and larger spaces.

ClassPlus™ MaxFit™ & MaxFit™ Pro Pack Options

ClassPlus™ MaxFit™ & MaxFit™ Pro Packs are available in 2 varieties, in 2 thicknesses, in 3 lengths. Carts also sold separately. Truck delivery.

  • MaxFit™ Packs. 1” thick packs include 24 MaxFit™ Mats. 2” thick packs include 18 MaxFit™ Mats. All packs include an UltraFit™ Steel MatMover™ Cart.
    • 1” thick
    • 2” thick
  • MaxFit™ Pro Packs. Include 24 MaxFit™ Pro Mats and an UltraFit™ Steel MatMover™ Cart.
    • 1” thick
  • Thickness
    • 1”
    • 2”
  • Length
    • 4’L
    • 5’L
    • 6’L
  • UltraFit™ Steel MatMover™ Cart
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