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TumblePro® Individual Teach™ Mats

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Teach gymnastics skills with tumbling mats that create instant activity stations!

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Choose from a selection of our premium-quality TumblePro® mats – from soft to firm – all with built-in sign holders that put instruction right at students' toe-tips! Designed to fit our 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards for an instant activity circuit. Folding mats collapse for convenient storage; sleeve tucks under mat. Introduce your entire class to tumbling and gymnastics lessons with all-in-one packs, complete with easy-to-use instruction for 24 beginner- and intermediate-level exercises.

Self-Starting Instruction

Having instructions right next to the mat eliminates the need to guess when it comes to different gymnastics movements—students will quickly be able to reference instruction cards to see what they should be doing. Moreover, these quick reference cards will outline proper form and tips, to help prevent injury and instill confidence in students as they work at their own pace. Readily-accessible instruction also cuts down time and ensures students are all on-task, even without central instruction.

As students master the basic instructions included with mats they gain a foothold for good form and the skills required to expand their technique into more advanced movements. This sets the tone for continued gymnastics and helps students appreciate peripheral skills such as body awareness and range of motion.

Designed for Beginners

These mats are specifically designed for new and younger users, to provide the best introduction to tumbling and gymnastics. Included instruction offers a solid foundation for reference and execution, while the mats themselves are supportive of early-stage movements. The foam offers enough support to support hand and foot placements, while also preventing bottoming out.

Different mat sizes also allow you to support beginner gymnasts at any age or in any setting. Choose from 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 10', or 6' x 12' sizes based on your unique situation, with Velcro® sides that allow you to expand and configure mats as needed. Smaller mats support younger students and are better for smaller activity spaces; larger mats support bigger students and are practical in larger spaces.


  • Choose soft 2" Urethane, semi-soft 2" Bonded, or 1-3/8" Polyethylene Foam
  • 1-3/8 or 2" thickness
  • Low to high shock absorption
  • 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 5' x 10', or 6' x 12' sizes
  • Truck delivery on mats 5' x 10' or larger

TumblePro® Individual Teach™ Mats Options

TumblePro® Individual Teach™ Mats are available in 3 foam types, in 4 sizes, in 17 colors.

  • Foam Types
    • 2” Urethane
    • 2” Bonded Foam
    • 2” Polyethylene Foam
  • Sizes
    • 4’ x 6’
    • 4’ x 8’
    • 5’ x 10’
    • 6’ x 12’
  • Colors
    • Royal
    • Medium Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Cardinal
    • Maroon
    • Gold
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • White
    • Gray
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Black