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Instrux Stretching Mat


Get a premium mat and your stretching instruction all in one!

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With stretching exercises printed right on it, this innovative stretch mat is great for self-starting students! Graphics and instructions make it easy to stretch proactively, preventing cramps and injuries. Students can stretch at their own pace, without instruction, to comfortably limber up for the day’s PE activities!

Clear Instructions for Stretching

More than 20 popular exercises are printed on these stretching mats, immersing students into a proper warm-up or cool-down regimen that will keep them limber, and injury-free. Each exercise features a bold diagram for proper form and succinct instructions explaining the movement. Students will engage in staple stretches including trunk twists, full body stretches, abdominal stretches, and more, preparing them for any lesson or exercise to come.

Students can stretch at a pace that’s ideal for them, preventing them from rushing through exercises or being left behind in group workouts, and building their confidence on the mat. Students can also focus on stretching areas where they feel tight or sore, helping ingrain these important motions for future use.


  • Students and users don’t need to wait for further instruction to get started working—movements are right there on the mat for them to get working on right away!
  • Users are all given the same movements and instructions to work through, so no one is ever left bored or wondering what to do next.
  • Closed cell foam offers a soft, smooth, moisture resistant, surface that’s firm, yet reactive to pressure for a more comfortable work out.
  • Hanging design provides faster air drying of mats so they're ready for the next class.
  • You’ll no longer have to worry about students being uncomfortable or slipping during warm-ups and cool-downs. Use of mats also eliminates the discomfort caused by hardwood floors.
  • A slip-resistant, tacky, textured material that won’t slip out from under users, keeping them safe during stretches.
  • Blue color with clearly drawn illustrations done in contrasting white makes instructions easy to read and follow.
  • Available in a ClassPlus Packs with 30 mats, complete with storage, which is ideal for a large PE classes, or individually for smaller groups.

ClassPlus Pack includes 30 mats (72”L x 24”W) and a Mobile Mat Rack (30”L x 30”W x 75”H)

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