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MaxFit™ Workout Mats

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A good vinyl mat has a place among any fitness unit in your PE curriculum. These mats offer an all-around solution to safety and stability, offering superb longevity and durability at a price point that’s budget-friendly. Folding or non-folding options make it possible to safely transport and store mats based on your facilities’ demands.

Entry-Level Excellence

Vinyl mats are some of the most resilient options available for institutional fitness, and these mats are at the forefront, offering incredible longevity and unmatched durability. Resilient vinyl is nylon-reinforced for additional durability in the face of high-energy, fast paced fitness routines, while still remaining soft and friendly enough for skin contact. Even the stitching that holds these vinyl nap mats together is superior! The stitches are double reinforced at the seams to keep from unraveling or fraying.

A foam core construction helps to evenly distribute student weight and provide a buffer between them and the hard floor underneath. It’ll retain it shape after years of heavy use and continue to provide support without forming impressions or compressed areas like lesser foam options.

Convenient Options

These mats are available in both folding and non-folding varieties to give you an option that’s befitting of your storage and transport needs. For facilities that have dedicated storage, but not a dedicated workout area, folding options are ideal. Mats can be folded in half and carried by the handle to wherever you’re exercising for the day. For dedicated activity areas, non-folding mats are great for instant action—they just have to be picked up from the stack and laid on the ground!


  • Keep students comfortable during plank holds, push-ups, or even during stretches: the use of mats eliminates the discomfort caused by hard floors!
  • Mats are great for a range of activities that involve sitting or lying on the floor, including stretching, yoga, sit-ups, ab workouts, Pilates, and more. Great for fitness centers, gyms, studios, and schools.
  • 14 oz vinyl cover is nylon-reinforced to prevent ripping and tearing. Premium foam ensures mats retain structural integrity, while also providing excellent support.
  • Individual mats are easily transported via built-in nylon handles. Class sets of mats can easily and quickly be transported with storage cart, which also adds protection and longevity to the mat itself, as it is not being stacked on the ground, stepped on, or drug around when not in use.
  • Double reinforced seams are guaranteed not to wiggle loose or even break after years of use.
  • Hanging design provides faster air drying of mats so they're ready for the next class.
  • 5'L mat is perfect for smaller areas; larger 6'L mats accommodate taller users and more dynamic movements. 1” thick mats are a standard, while 2” thick mats provide additional protection and comfort.

MaxFit™ Workout Mat Options

MaxFit™ Workout Mats are available in 2 varieties, in 2 thicknesses, in 3 sizes.

  • Mat Type
    • Folding
    • Non-Folding
  • Mat Thickness
    • 1” thick
    • 2” thick
  • Mat Length
    • 4’L
    • 5’L
    • 6’L
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