Resilite™ Custom Wrestling Mats

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Choose a traditional 2-sided mat or the new 50% lighter 1-sided mat that's easier to set up and store!

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Resilite™ 2-sided high school wrestling mats feature a closed-cell foam core in your choice of 1" or 1-1/4" (2.5 cm or 3 cm) thickness, with both a practice and competition side. Each mat is coated with a tough, flexible vinyl, even on the edges, creating a more durable mat that prevents deterioration and is easier to clean.

Light and Convenient

The two-sided mats are 25% lighter than other two-sided mats, with one side for practice and the other for competition. Our 1-5/8” thick polyethylene foam one-sided mats are 50% lighter than two-sided mats, making setup and storage a breeze! Vertical slits in the back of the foam allow for easier setup and handling. All Resilite™ mats meet ASTM standards for impact protection and shock absorption.

A durable vinyl spray coating covers the top of the mat with built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection.

Custom Designs

Create a mat that’s designed just for your school. Customized insignias, lettering, and sizes are available. To order your custom mat, contact your Gopher Regional Sales Representative or call 1-800-533-0446.

Resilite™ Custom Wrestling Mat Options

Resilite™ Custom Wrestling Mats are available individually in 3 thicknesses, 2 sizes, or custom sizes. Truck delivery.

  • Thickness
    • Classic 1” Thick, 2-Sided Mat
    • Heavy-Duty 1-1/4” Thick, 2-Sided Mat
    • Lite Weight 1-5/8” Thick, 1-Sided Mat
  • Sizes
    • 38’ x 38’, NFHS
    • 42’ x 42’, NCAA
    • Custom Size
  • Colors
    • White
    • Light Gray
    • Gray
    • Metallic Silver
    • Black
    • Pale Yellow
    • Light Gold
    • Metallic Gold
    • Khaki
    • Kelly Green
    • Medium Green
    • Dark Green
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Burnt Orange
    • Terra Cotta
    • Light Maroon
    • Dark Maroon
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Turquoise
    • Sky Blue
    • Columbia Blue
    • Bright Blue
    • Royal Blue
    • Penn State Blue
    • Navy Blue
    • Purple