Tireplast™ Equipment Mats

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Outperforms and outlasts typical foam equipment mats!

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Our only equipment-specific mats for cycling bikes and treadmills! This rubber exercise mat will reduce vibration-related noise, prevent shifting from equipment, and keep floors safe from scuffing. Lightweight enough to pick up and move, yet durable enough to stand up to institutional abuse, it’s a prime investment in the maintenance of your athletic rooms!

Protect Flooring

Workout equipment such as stationary bikes or treadmills are heavy, however with enough force they’re liable to shift or slide. When they move, they’re bound to leave behind scuffs and scrapes on your hardwood floor, or tear out carpet fibers that will become loose and airborne. Rubber mats for exercise equipment serve to eliminate these possibilities by providing a protective barrier between heavy workout equipment and the floor.

A textured surface lends a no-slip grip to hardwood floors and creates friction resistance on carpet, ensuring mats won’t go anywhere and will subsequently prevent equipment from shifting at all. Use machine-specific mats in conjunction with treadmills and cycling bikes for ideal protection and safety.

Reduce Noise

While students are pumping away on a cycling bike or jogging on a treadmill they’re creating small vibrations that travel from the machine to the floor, which can result in loud noises that make it hard to hear or concentrate. Rubber dissipates these vibrations and deadens the sound, so you’re left with only the subtle hum of equipment working. A lack of bombastic noise makes working out less intimidating for students and allows for better concentration, to hit target goals.

Great Durability

Made of recycled rubber and plastic, this treadmill mat is designed with longevity in mind, to bear the burden of heavy, institutional wear and tear. The combination of rubber, reinforced by plastic makes it more durable than comparable all-rubber models. It’ll stand up to vibrations from workout machines, sweat and moisture within the exercise space, and the routine handling that comes with setup and cleanup.

Mats are designed to be lightweight for easy transportation and won’t break down with excessive handling or when left in storage for extended periods of time.

Tireplast™ Equipment Mat Options

Tireplast™ Equipment Mats are available in 2 sizes.

  • Bike Mat, 48”L x 36”W, 15 lb
  • Treadmill Mat, 78”L x 36”W, 24 lb