Wall Mats

Gymnasium wall padding to improve the safety and appearance of gym, fitness, and play areas!


The tough 14 oz (397 g) vinyl cover on this wall padding will last for years! It's tear/mildew-resistant, easy to clean, and meets California's strict flame-resistance standards. Now compliant with ASTM F2440-11.

Permanent-Mount Wall Mats

Mats screw directly into your wall and can be customized with cut-outs for fire-alarm pulls, light switches, and other shapes (call for details). Foam is mounted on 7/16" (1 cm) composition board and covered in tough 14 oz (397 g) vinyl. Allow 1" (3 cm) at top and 1" (3 cm) at bottom for mounting. Specify Color(s).

Removable Velcro®-Backed Wall Mats

Mats attach and detach easily from aluminum wall strips with Velcro® (sold separately). When removed, mats can be used as floor mats or folded for storage. Choose Velcro® on Top and Bottom or Velcro® on Top and 2 Sides. Specify Color(s) when ordering.

Comfortable Foam

Choose from 3 foam types to best fit your needs.

  • Firm 1-3/8" (4 cm) thick polyethylene foam is best for areas used by older students or for higher-impact activities (gymnasiums, martial arts rooms, etc).
  • Soft 2" (5 cm) thick urethane foam is best for rooms used by younger children (gross-motor areas, time-out rooms, etc).
  • Flame-retardant 2" (5 cm) thick urethane foam passes the strict California flammability test (Technical Bulletin 117 Sections AI and DII).

Wall Mat Options

Wall Mats are available individually in 2 installation styles, 3 foam types. Specify color when ordering. Truck delivery.

  • Installation Style
    • Permanent-Mount
    • Removable Velcro®-Backed
  • Foam Types
    • Firm 1-3/8” (4 cm) Thick Polyethylene Foam
    • Soft 2” (5 cm) Thick Urethane Foam
    • Flame-Retardant 2" (5 cm) Thick Urethane Foam
  • Color Choices
    • Royal
    • Medium Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Cardinal
    • Maroon
    • Gold
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • White
    • Gray
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Black 


4'L (1.2 m) Aluminum Wall Strip W/ Velcro®

  • Item No: 85-270
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $39.95

5'L (1.5 m) Aluminum Wall Strip W/ Velcro®

  • Item No: 85-271
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $44.95

6'L (1.85 m) Aluminum Wall Strip W/ Velcro®

  • Item No: 85-273
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $54.95


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