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ExerFit Workout Mats
ExerFit Mini Mat
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ClassPlus ExerFit Workout Mat Packs
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ClassPlus EcoFit Workout Mat Packs
MaxFit Workout Mats
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GripFit Workout Mats
FlipSide Workout Mats
1" Thick Foam Workout Mats
AssessPro Curl-Up Mats

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Buy durable fitness mats from Gopher Sport and provide comfort and support during workouts!

From mini to extra-long exercise mats, students and athletes will find the best options to fit their needs. Our high-quality foam mats provide an extra layer of supportive cushion for stretches and yoga poses.

If you’re looking for maximum cushioning, the vinyl-coated foam in our MaxFit, BioFit, and GripFit mats adds extra comfort to poses. The closed-cell foam construction of our ExerFit, UltraFit, and EcoFit mats is thinner than the other mats, but still supportive.

Coaches and PE teachers can select from several Rainbow-colored mats in a range of sizes. Quickly outfit the entire class using our convenient class packs. These packs also include storage options, so students can hang up mats between classes.

Which Workout Mat is Right for Me?


  • Thickness: 1/2” or 3/8”
  • Size: 48”L x 24”W, 72”L x 24”W, or 24”L x 24”W
  • Usage: Great for introductory stretching and bodyweight exercises with younger students.


  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Size: 48”L x 24”W
  • Usage: Rip-proof and strong enough to hold up to tennis shoes and multiple classes per day.


  • Thickness: 1/2"
  • Size: 48”L x 24”W or 72”L x 24”W
  • Usage: Chemical-free for users with sensitive skin yet durable enough for intense workouts.

MaxFit, BioFit, and GripFit

  • Thickness: 1" or 2"
  • Size: 4’, 5’, or 6’L x 24”W
  • Usage: Our thickest mats firmly support users of all weights and sizes during the most vigorous workouts.

Shop workout mats from Gopher for guaranteed satisfaction.

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