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Rainbow ExerFit Yoga Mats
UltraFit Yoga Mats
EcoFit Yoga Mat
DualFit Yoga Mats
Instrux Yoga Mat
ClassPlus Yoga Mat Packs

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Shop for long-lasting yoga mats from Gopher Sport and incorporate full-body workouts into PE class!

From entry-level to advanced, yoga mats provide users with the support and stability they need at any skill level. The non-slip surfaces also encourage safety.

Colorful, beginner mats give users the comfort and texture they need when learning about form. One also has detailed instruction printed on it with moves for users at any age. More advanced mats feature an extra-soft feel and eco-friendly material that’s also friendly on the user’s skin. Another has dual-fiber construction with a unique combination of textures for ultimate performance.

If you need enough yoga equipment for the entire class, you’ll want to check out our ClassPlus packs. Choose from a variety of colors and construction to find the option that’s best for your class.

Get moving with quality yoga mats from Gopher!

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