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FitPro® Flag Pinnies

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A comfortable pinnie with a flag! A flag belt and pinnie in one for a variety of relays, tag games, and more!

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These comfortable nylon pinnies are equipped with a 1” Velcro® strip, which runs around the entire pinnie and allows for easy positioning of multiple flags. The two-in-one design makes for more efficient game setup, a more economical investment, easier storage and faster cleaning.

Efficient Design

For games and activities like flag football, relays, tag games and more, the two-in-one design of FitPro® Flag Pinnies allows students to wear a single piece containing both a pinnie and a flag belt. With a loose-fitting bottom and open sides for improved movement and a 1” Velcro® strip running around the entire pinnie for improved flag placement options, Flag Pinnies make getting ready for games—and playing them—fast and easy. Each pinnie comes with 3 flags (2”W x 17”L).

Easy to Use

By combining a pinnie and a flag belt into a single design, FitPro® Flag Pinnies make it much easier to introduce flag games to your students. Rather than having to buy separate pinnies and flag belts, your class can take advantage of these pinnies’ unique, easy-to-wear design, and you can enjoy the benefits of easier and better-organized storage, as well as hassle-free cleaning, as pinnies are machine washable, with no hand washing required.

Easy Team Identification

FitPro® Flag Pinnies make organizing students into teams as easy as possible. Blue and red pinnies allow students to identify their teammates more easily, and are great for traditional team games like football and tag, as well as relays and other activities.

FitPro® Flag Pinnie Options

FitPro® Flag Pinnies are available in two colors, in 2 sizes.


  • Red
  • Blue


  • Medium
  • Large
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