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FitPro® Pinnie Packs

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Choose the style, size, and colors of sports pinnies that fit your class best!

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Convenient color packs create two easily-identifiable teams in a snap. Each pack contains enough pinnies to easily separate your class, team, or rec league in to two full teams. More affordable than vests, pinnies are economic option to outfit your entire class in contrasting colors.

User-Friendly Design

With no arm holes to worry about and an oversized neck, students can quickly change into pinnies and start the game. The loose-fitting bottom helps them flow freely, giving students a larger range of motion. Open sides feature elastic side bands and allow them to fit most students. The durable design of the pinnies means you can simply throw them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

Fast Team Organization

Are you looking for a simple way to identify teams during a fast-paced game? Quickly organize and identify teams using the 2 contrasting colors of the packs. They make it easy for students to see their teammates running around the gym or field, lessening confusion.

Superior Variety

As the size of the pinnie increases, so does the quality. Medium, Classic pinnies are made of standard polyester with basic elastic side bands. The economic, introductory style is great for young students and medium-intensity activities. If you need a more durable option, turn to Competitor pinnies. Available in size Large, these are made of a durable, tear-resistant polyester. They feature black piping around the neck to quick recognize the top of the pinnie. Quick-release buckles connected to the elastic side bands makes it even easier to put the Competitor pinnie on and take it off.

FitPro® Pinnie Pack Options

FitPro® Pinnie Packs are available 2 Pack Types, 3 Sizes, and 2 Color options.

Pack Type

  • Pack of 30
  • Pack of 50


  • Medium, Classic
  • Large, Competitor Color
  • Red/Blue
  • Green/Yellow
Vest or pinnie — which is right for me?