Officials' Pinnie and Shirts

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This referee jersey with classic stripes clearly identify referees and other game officials.

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Easily identify referees, team captains, and other designated individuals with these durable, professional-looking striped pinnies and shirts. Choose between more casual and official-looking styles depending on your needs.

Stand Out

They say standing out is the key to success, and your referees and special players will certainly succeed in these striped options. These pinnies and shirts are ideal for all levels of play, regardless of the intensity of competition. Everything from a game of capture the flag to organized youth sporting leagues can benefit, as these pinnies and shirts make it obvious who’s officiating. They can also be used for games like tag, to signify which player is currently “it.”

Official Shirts

Let your official or designated captain benefit from the perfect design. Our striped shirts lend a very official look to any game and benefit from considerable durability, making them great for recreational league and intramural games. Shirts offer short sleeves with stretch cuffs and a 7”L zipper.

Striped Pinnies

Our pinnies feature elastic bands and Velcro® straps, making them easy to put on and take off over clothing, regardless of size. Our striped pinnies are a more lightweight and affordable option for lower-intensity games and activities. You get to choose the perfect option for your purposes. Both options are machine-washable and truly built to last, allowing a clean shirt or pinne for your next referee or activity.

Officials’ Pinnie and Shirt Options

Official Shirts and Pinnies are available in 3 options.


  • Large (42-44"" Chest)
  • X-Large (46-48"" Chest)


  • 24" L x 13-1/2" W
Vest or pinnie — which is right for me?