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Rainbow® RelaxFit™ Competitor Vests

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Heavy-duty soccer practice vest competes with high-intensity activities!

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Made from 100% polyester, these relatively lightweight but highly durable vests have large mesh openings, which allow for extra breathability and maximum comfort. Boasting reinforced stitching and black piping around the neck hole, these vests are built to last and easy to use.

Maximum Comfort

With loose-fitting, elastic-free bottoms that don’t bunch up or restrict movement, Rainbow® RelaxFit™ Competitor Vests offer a very comfortable experience during even the most intense activity. Made from heavy-duty, medium-weight, woven polyester mesh, these vests offer an option between the Champion and the Classic and can be worn frequently and in high-intensity games without worrying about whether they’ll hold up.

Easy to Use

During practices, gym classes and gameplay, time is of the essence, which means a vest that’s easy for students to put on and take off helps keep things moving along. With their 3/8” black trimmed neckbands, Rainbow® RelaxFit™ Competitor Vests make finding the neck hole easier than ever. Large tag allows students to identify the correct size quickly and easily. Vests are easy to clean and machine washable.

Simple Team Identification

It doesn’t matter how old they are. When students are practicing or playing and they need to know who’s on their team, there’s no easier way to keep everyone straight than by making sure they’re all wearing color-coordinated vests. Available in 6 Rainbow® colors, Competitor vests make designating teams easier than ever.

Rainbow® RelaxFit™ Competitor Vest Options

Rainbow® RelaxFit™ Competitor Vests are available in Rainbow® Sets of 6 or Individually, in 3 sizes.

  • Rainbow® Sets
  • Individual Vests
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • Sizes
    • Medium
    • Large
    • X-Large
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