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Screamin' Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vests

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The coolest practice mesh vests in the hottest colors!

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These bright Champion® Vests, made of the highest quality mesh, offer middle school and high school students strong, reliable quality while making it easy to identify the color each student is wearing. Easy to wear and impossible to miss, these Champion® Vests are built to last. Our brightest vests!

Easy Team Identification

The Screamin’ colors, in combination with classic colors underneath, make identifying teammates easier than ever, resulting in better play and easier focus on the game. Available only in large size, these Champion vests are ideal for middle school and high school students.

Maximum Durability

Screamin’ Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vests are made of our heaviest, most durable 100% polyester fabric, but are still lightweight, making them a long-lasting, worry-free option for students. The open weave design allows for maximum comfort and breathability. These vests will not rip or tear easily, and when worn over classic colors, the Screamin’ colors will really stand out!

Maximum Comfort/Easy to Use

The design of Screamin’ Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vests allows for maximum ease of use. With 3/8” black trim on the neck and arm openings, as well as a contoured shape, students are able to quickly put on the vest on the first try, without tangling themselves up. A thick, 1/2” elastic waistband helps to keep the vest in place, rather than allowing it to slip up, resulting in a more comfortable fit, even during intense activity.

Screamin’ Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vest Options

Screamin’ Rainbow® FitPro® Champion Vests are available in Sets of 6

  • Screamin' Rainbow® Set Individual
  • Screamin' Rainbow® Color Sets
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
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