Heavy Duty Outdoor Fitness Gym

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Our premium-quality system allows more students to get a full body workout at one time.

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Create a safe, outdoor space for resistance training with this durable system. Unlike other playground sets, the Heavy Duty Gym features moving parts and machines that accommodate partner workouts. 5 specialized stations challenge all the major muscle groups and help to build cardiovascular endurance.

Premium Quality Stations

Outdoor fitness stations offer a great way to get students working out on high-quality equipment while also spending some time outdoors with some fresh air. These premium-quality systems allow more students to get a full body workout at one time, as each station is specifically set up for dual use. Each piece of equipment is free of safety hazards, as everything has a set weight or forces students to use their own body weight for training. Unlike other playground systems, the equipment also features moving parts and machines. By combining all 5 stations, you can give your students the opportunity to get a full body workout, targeting all muscle groups while spending time outside. Stations ship nearly assembled; in-ground installation required.

Five Stations

There are 5 stations available, which can be purchased individually or together as a whole set. They are:

  • The Tri-Fitness Station: allows students to work on leg extensions, leg/knee raises, and pull ups. Three different pieces extend in separate ways out from a single central base.
  • The Stepper and Bike Station: features a step climber on one side and a stationary bike on the other. The middle base has an extended hand ring for better grip and stability.
  • The Dual Leg Press Station: features 2 chairs and foot rests. The chair swings back and forth when students keep their feet locked in place on the mount, which simulates a leg press machine. Two students can use it at once.
  • The Dual Air Walker: builds strength, endurance, and coordination in the shoulder, back, arm, and leg muscles. The equipment comprises foot plates and hand grips. Used independently or with another person simultaneously, the user slides the feet in tandem with the arms. This motion increases heart rate and provides a full-body workout.
  • The Dual Shoulder Station: operated by gripping both hands on each disc and leaning toward the center base. The discs can be rotated slowly to work the shoulders. Rotate them in opposite directions. Older students can take a step back for a more strenuous exercise.

Heavy Duty Outdoor Fitness Gym Options

The Heavy Duty Outdoor Fitness Gym is available as a Complete Set (Set of 5). Individual station also sold separately. Truck delivery.

  • Set of 5. Includes all 5 stations
  • Individual Stations
    • Tri Fitness Station
    • Stepper and Bike Station
    • Dual Leg Press Station
    • Dual Air Walker
  • Dual Shoulder Station