Outdoor Fitness System

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All ages and fitness levels will enjoy this full-body, outdoor challenge!

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Give your students the chance to get a full body workout while outdoors! This multipurpose stationary fitness equipment helps users focus on the 4 main elements of fitness: aerobic, muscle fitness, balance and flexibility, and core. Each station includes a sign with instructions, a muscle diagram displaying the muscles that will be worked out with the equipment, and QR codes to access video tutorials.

Add Variety

Allow your students to get a good workout in the four main areas of fitness: aerobic, muscle fitness, balance and flexibility, and core. Each station includes a sign that provides step-b-step instructions for the exercise, a diagram showing which muscles you’re working, and QR codes that link to video tutorials. The versatility of these stations allows you to add variety to your exercise routines. Teachers can constantly change up students’ routines to enable a fresh approach to fitness at every visit to the outdoor fitness system.

Various Options

Each station is made with a durable powder-coated steel, which is available in 18 color options for the tubing and 4 colors for the platform. These different colors allow you to color coordinate your outdoor fitness system with your school’s colors. The durable steel construction with rust-resistant hardware allows for the stations to stand up to constant exposure to the outdoor elements all year round, as they are permanently mounted into the ground. Assembly required.

Outdoor Fitness System Options

Outdoor Fitness Systems are available in Complete Sets. Individual Stations also sold separately. Truck delivery. Specify color on posts and platforms.

  • Complete Sets
    • 8-Station Trail. Includes Step-Up, Sit-Up, Push-Up, Bench Dip, Horizontal Chin-Up, Parallel Bars, Knee Lift, Body Curl, and 8 station signs. 1388 lb.
    • 15-Station Trail. Includes all stations in the 8-Station Trail plus Log Hop, High Jump, Hurdle, T-Bar, Vault, Pull-Up, Balance Beam, and 15 station signs. 2166 lb.
  • Individual Stations
    • Step-Up
    • Sit-Up
    • Push-Up
    • Bench Dip
    • Horizontal Chin-Up
    • Parallel Bars
    • Knee Lift
    • Body Curl
    • Log Hop
    • High Jump
    • Hurdle
    • T-Bar
    • Vault
    • Pull-Up
    • Balance Beam