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Peaceful Playgrounds Stencils

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Easily design play spaces that are colorful, inviting, and engaging!

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Save time and use these playground stencils to create flawless designs on the playground. There's no need to stop and measure! Just lay down the stencils, spray over them, and you're done.

Stencils are available in three convenient templates to guide you during application. Quickly create a hopscotch board with the Hopscotch Stencil. All you have to do is fill in the dots on the paper template and then connect them to form the board. When setting up a 4-square court, trace the dots on the 16 pieces of paper to draw a court in no time.

Easily make a custom path around the playground with the Walking/Jogging Path Stencil. Use the 41 plastic stencils to add feet, numbers, letters, and shapes along the route for students to identify as they walk. Walking/Jogging Path also includes a paint sprayer with white paint.