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Need to replace any of the accessories on your swing set, or simply want to have extras on hand? We have you covered with a line of high-quality swing accessories, including hangers, belt seats, and s-hooks. Always be prepared for broken swings!

Quality Accessories

Swing accessories are essential to have on hand for any playground, as you never know when a swing, belt seat, or hanger is going to break, considering they go through day after day of near-nonstop use.

The seat of a swing in a playground must be comfortable and in good condition, as well as tough enough to hold the weights of students of all sizes multiple times a day.  This belt seat comes in a standard size, meaning teachers can install it on any type of swing set. It is made to be used hundreds of times a day for years on end, meaning you will not have to replace it over and over again. Each seat is made with an EPDM rubber/polymer blend, and makes great use of galvanized triangular hardware with steel plate inserts. They measure 24”L x 6”W.

Swings also need components to hold the set together to withstand the weight of multiple students at once over and over again. The iron swing hanger we have available is as strong as swing components come, meaning teachers can rest assured that all students on the swing set are safe.

An S-Hook is an essential component of any swing. This large loop galvanized S-hook allows for easy installation and repair options. It has been designed for strength and durability for years of use, attaching the seat or chain to the chain hanger. Each hook is zinc-plated, adding to their durability. Their anti-corrosion properties allow them to stand up to constant exposure to the outdoor elements.

Swing Accessory Options

Swing Accessories are available in swings in 3 colors, hangers in 2 sizes, or hooks in 2 quantities.

  • Cut-Resistant Belt Seats
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  • Swing Hangers
    • 2-3/8” OD Poles
    • 3-1/2” OD Poles
  • S-Hooks
    • Individual
    • Dozen