Basketball / Volleyball / Wrestling 15" LED Scoreboard

Multisport scoreboard features bonus and possession indicators.


With everything you need to score 3 of the most popular sports, this high school sports scoreboard is a great addition to any gym! The board shows everything you need to know about the game at a glance, with super-large numbers for time, score, and period easily visible. Two sizes accommodate your needs—both easily mounted and controlled.


  • Board Dimensions: 8’W x 3’H or 8’W x 4’H
  • Number Height: 15”
  • Weight: 150 lb or 195 lb
  • 22-gauge galvanized steel
  • Cable or wireless controller options
  • Made specifically for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling

Ideal for Any Institution

Straightforward in its function and encompassing in the data it presents, this scoreboard lends itself to institutional games of basketball, volleyball, and wrestling to provide clear scoring and timing. The ability to track 3 common sports on this high school sports scoreboard means a singular solution for hosting matches and tournaments, with real-time game management that everyone can see.

This scoreboard features 3-digit scoring, ideal for varsity and higher-level basketball games that can top 100+ points! The score, clock, and period numbers measure an astounding 15”H, making it easy to see them from over 300 ft away without issue. Backed by 100,000 hour LEDs, the specifics of the game will be plain for players, coaches, and spectators to see with ease.

Two Sizes for Versatility

Measuring 8’W makes this a standard sized scoreboard, however it comes in both 3’ and 4’H varieties to quickly accommodate the space restrictions or placement obstacles presented by your unique facilities. The timing and scoring variables remain the same size across both for your convenience, with the period display and wordage being smaller on the 3’H option.

Both sizes are ready to mount on your wall or hang from your ceiling right out of the box, eliminating the need to order additional brackets or mounting hardware. The 3’H unit weighs in at just 150 lb for simple hanging just about anywhere, while the 4’H model presents a heft of 195 lb—still easier to safely mount than many comparable scoring units! No matter where they’re placed, both units conveniently utilize a single AC wall outlet to function.

Wireless or wired models also present a depth of versatility when it comes to control. Wireless models feature a convenient controller that can manipulate the clock or score from anywhere in the gym in mere seconds, allowing for swift adjustments to keep the game going. Wireless Remote Control is sold separately, but must be ordered with the scoreboard for factory installation. Wired models feature a 20’L cord that connects to a control box, used by a scorekeeper situated nearby this three-digit scoreboard. Either way, controls are simple and intuitive, giving you the confidence to quickly master the scoreboard.

S'portable® Basketball/Volleyball/Wrestling 15" LED Scoreboard Options

S'portable® Basketball/Volleyball/Wrestling 15" LED Scoreboards are available in 2 sizes and 7 colors. Specify color when ordering. Truck delivery.

  • Sizes
    • 8’W x 3’H, 150 lb
    • 8’W x 4’H, 195 lb
  • Colors
    • Royal
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Maroon
    • Black
    • Navy


Wireless Remote Control

  • Item No: 11-017
  • Unit: Ea
  • Direct Ship
  • Price: $1,199.00


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