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Never lose track of your count again! Rep counters can be used to count laps, attendance, and more, without having to manually document data or keep track of it in your head. Two options cater to your preferences, with Traditional click-style counters or intuitive Digital options available.

Traditional Counters

Traditional lap counters offer an ergonomic grip that fits comfortably in your hand for tallying over a longer period of time. Constant button pressing won’t aggravate fingers or joints, giving you comfort as you clock, with an included finger hook for optimal grip.

Log counts up to 9,999 with the Traditional rep counter without worrying about batteries dying or accidental resets occurring. Its mechanical operation is simple and extremely durable, for reliable longevity. You’ll never need to worry about changing out batteries!

Digital Counters

Featuring a screen that’s 3 times larger than traditional counters, digital lap counters are easy to read at a glance. Operation is just as simple: click the large tally button to rack up your count, with an optional beep function included for an audial confirmation of your capture. Our highest capacity counter logs counts up to 99,999.

A lock feature protects your count when you’re not actively logging, allowing you to preserve the current reading while you put it in your pocket or hook it around your neck via an included breakaway lanyard.

Classic Tally Counter Options

Classic Tally Counters are available in 2 varieties.

  • Traditional
  • Digital