Robic® 6" LED Up/Down Timer


Compact, multipurpose timer with bright, easy-to-see numbers.

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Count-up or down with the press of a button and utilize this timer whenever you’re participating in a time-sensitive activity. Programmed countdowns make it easy to quickly set up, while the wireless controller operates at a distance for enhanced functionality. Bright numbers and a simple display offer a straightforward approach to gauging time.


  • AC-Powered Timer
  • 6”H Numbers
  • Visible at up to 100 ft
  • Remote controlled
  • 17”W x 9”H x 2”D; 5 lb

Count Up or Down

Thanks to a 00:00 to 99:59 number range, it’s easy to count up to or down from 100 minutes as your students engage in a variety of activities. Count up timers are great for timed exercises and activities, where speed and quickness are critical to the game. Countdown timers are perfect for time-sensitive activities that pit students against the clock!

This timer also features a number of pre-programmed timers that make it easy to put a clock on just about anything. Start the clock at 45, 30, or 12 minutes to keep students engaged in an activity while the clock is ticking—they’ll easily be able to see how much play time is left at a glance. When the countdown reaches zero a loud alarm alerts everyone in the vicinity that time is up!

Easy to Use and See

Controlling this timer is easy thanks to an included remote. 4 total buttons make it swift to operate and minimize errors when it comes to setting countdown times or clearing count up records. The wireless nature of the remote offers control at a distance for teachers who want to keep an eye on the clock without needing to be within arm’s reach.

When mounted on a wall or sat upright on a table the face of this timer is plain to see, even at a distance of up to 100 ft! Vibrant, 6”H numbers are easily readable, with minutes larger than seconds for distinction.