Seiko® 10" LED Wired Shot Clocks

10”H LED digits for ultra-high visibility.


Put as much time as you need on these Seiko® shot clocks, to create a game that plays at the right speed for your players. Easily visible numbers provide great readability from a distance, with an audible buzzer when time expires. These clocks function independently of a scoreboard for quick and easy setup.

Completely Customizable

Count-up and countdown setting on this shot clock make any time between 00-99 possible, lending supreme versatility to your game. Preset times of 24 and 12 seconds create great starting points for standardized possession times. Put a lower amount of time on the clock for a more fast-paced game, or crank up the time to allow students more time to set up and take their shots.

The count-up feature is ideal for workouts and exercises, allowing students to gauge their time appropriately.

Easy-to-See and Hear

Large 10”H numbers, beamed in high-intensity red to players and spectators, means superior visibility in any setting. The clocks can also be positioned at optimal points on the sidelines or at the ends of the court, where players will have no trouble seeing exactly how much time they have left on the offensive. When time drops to zero, a loud buzzer sound signals that time has expired—this function can also be disabled if desired.

Standalone Unit

Both portable shot clocks feature tabletop stands to provide stability and easy placement. The wider base will prevent clocks from tipping over, ensuring that even when a table is bumped or jarred, the clock will stand firmly.

2 extra-long cables connect shot clocks to a control box for programming and adjustments, allowing you to position both clocks independently of the controller, without sacrificing the logistics of your gymnasium layout or gamekeeper position.

Timer measures 19-1/2”H x 13-1/4”W x 2-1/8”D; 17 lb each. 

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